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fucks mom

Kamala is a typical South Indian lady. She is in her 40's, not so beautiful or fair or have a smoking hot figure. In accordance with her age, she has medium sized breasts, a bumpy stomach and some fluff around her buttocks.Her only son, Somesh is a studious and nice boy. In short he was momma's boy.

She was proud of Somesh as he never misses No:1 Rank in his class. This happened when Somesh had just entered his teens. He was 14 years and was doing his VIII std.

She noticed Somesh was a bit uncomfortable. Also, she noticed that he tried hard to control his hands from reaching his crotch and also sensed that he was in some sort of pain.

Normally Somesh was very frank with mom, but when it comes to his genital, he was shy like other boys. So he too was not in a situation to talk about his difficulties with his mother.One day Kamala decided to break the ice.

Kamala: Kanna!

Somesh: Yes Amma.

Kamala: Can I ask you something.

Somesh: Yes Mom.

Kamala: You should not feel embarassed, as I am your mom okay.

Somesh: Okay.

Kamala: I've been noticing that you seem to be in pain in that area (she pointed hands at his crotch). You have any problem Kanna. Tell me, Mommy won't think bad.

Somesh was comforted with his mom's words. He decided to open up.

Somesh: Yes Amma, I have a pain-mixed with itch there. I am afraid to itch because of the pain, I don't know what to do.

Kamala: Let me see how it looks there.

Somesh: Amma?

Kamala: Oh Somesh! I've seen your's many times, I am your mother. You can show it to me, as you are in trouble. As your mom, I can help you out. For that mommy must see first.

Somesh hesitantly took his hand to the folds of his lungi to remove it. But mom, pulled off his lungi and his penis was exposed. Kamala did not find anything unusual as his penis was in a limp state. She noticed that Somesh had closed his eyes in embarrassment.

Kamala: I don't see any wound or rashes here.

Somesh: Amma, I feel the itch in between that pink portion and the skin.

Kamala understood that the problem was between the pink portion of his penis and his foreskin. She decided to take him to a nearby doctor.

When she took Somesh to the nearby doctor, the doctor gave orders to the nurse and directed Somesh and his mother Kamala to the check-up room.

The nurse too asked Somesh to undress his pants and show his penis. Though Somesh resisted out of embarassment, his mother convinced him. Finally Somesh had to undress.

The nurse checked his penis. She lifted the foreskin of Somesh's penis with some medical instrument made of steel. That instrument was in contact with the pink portion of Somesh's penis. Somesh was feeling very uncomfortable due to that object touching the pink portion of his penis.

His protests became stronger. He started to yell and cry. The nurse noted that the hymen or the white, clayish and dirt like thing that will stick on the pink portion of every male's penis was sticking on to him quite strongly. She informed Kamala that this was the reason behind Somesh's discomforts.

She tried to pull out that hymen of Somesh, but his protests were more stronger. He yelled out of pain, fear and embarassment. Not able to tolerate his behaviour the nurse left the room and went to attend the next patient.

Mom asked Somesh to leave home. Then she personally visited the nurse and apologized to her on behalf of Somesh. She asked whether is there any other remedy for it. For that the nurse bluntly adviced Kamala to find a prostitute with whom Somesh can have sex with, as that is the only unsurgical way of getting it removed.

Though Kamala was angry with her comments, she never reacted as she realized that was the truth.

Kamala took a few days not knowing how to remove Somesh's hymen without surgery. She can't get him married at such a young age and prostitudes are even worse. Finally she made up her mind to give in herself for the well being of her son.

One evening when Somesh's father was out to work, Somesh tried hard to study but due to the itch he was restless. Kamala decided that she can wait no longer, so she went for the kill.

Kamala: Are you feeling very painful Kanna?

Somesh: Yes mom, very disturbing.

Kamala: But doctors say that you must do a surgery to get that removed, will you do it?

Somesh: No way Amma, that will be very painful and that too there?

Kamala: I know da kanna, I have another way to remove that. You will like it very much.

Somesh: Is it? What is that?

Kamala: But you should promise me not to tell any one. Even your dad okay.

Somesh: As long as my problem is solved, I will obey you. But why do you want to keep it a secret?

Kamala: Because I am going to do sex with you to cure you. As per our culture we mom and son like us should not do it. But for your welfare, I have decided to do sex with you.

Somesh: Is it? What is sex amma?

Kamala: You will see it in a few moments. Lock all the doors and windows and come to my bedroom.

Somesh locked all the doors and windows and went towards his mother's room casually.

Kamala: Remove all your clothes.

This time Somesh removed all his clothes without any hesitation as he has already done it on mom's insistence. In no time he stood naked in front of her.

To his surprise for the first time in his life he saw his mom take off her saree. She took them off her body and threw on the nearby chair in a flash.

Somesh: Amma, what are you doing?

Kamala: I too am going to become naked like you son.

Somesh: But I feel shy to see you without saree. Why is it that your thopple (navel) isn't as flat as mine.

Kamala: Because, we women are soft around the belly area. Touch it and see it for yourself.

Somesh's fingers explored through her abdomen. He even inserted his middle finger on her navel. She gave mild moans as she is being touched by a man after a long time.

Kamala: This thopple was the connection between you and me, when you were born son.

Somesh started to kiss her stomach and lick her navel. But as he did so, he heard his mom's breaths go harder.

Somesh: Amma, why are you breathing hard?

Kamala: Because, the more you touch me there, I feel good. When women feel good they breathe harder.

Then Kamala removed the hooks of her blouse and removed her blouse.As she removed her blouse, Somesh was amazed to look at her hairy armpits.

Somesh: I never thought you will have so much hair here.

Saying so he fondled her arm pits, and Kamala giggled and moaned as she witnessed her son curiously exploring every inch of her feminity. His curiosity was giving her pleasure.

Kamala: Kanna, just stand behind me.

Somesh stood behind his mom.

Somesh: Yes mom.

Kamala: Do you see a couple of silver colored hook.

Somesh: Yes Amma.

Remove them. Somesh removed the buttons.

Kamala: Kanna, now come in front, I want to show you something more.

As Somesh stood in front of his mom, she removed her bra and showed her son her naked breasts for the first time.

Somesh was dumbstuck. He never saw the naked breast of any woman. He kept glaring at her medium sized breasts but wide and dark nipples.

Kamala: Haven't you seen this before?

Somesh: No amma!

Kamala: Don't lie.

Somesh: Promise.

Kamala: This was the place where you drank milk from when you were a baby.

Somesh: I don't remember it.

Kamala: Still I got one more to show you.

Saying so, she stripped off her petty coat and stood completely naked in front of her son.She went and lied on the bed. She stretched her arms and told Somesh.

Kamala: Come da Kanna, lie on amma.

Somesh slowly lied over his mother. The warmth and softness of her naked flesh took him to seventh heaven. She kissed over his lips hard and was rolling all over his body. His penis is stiff and hard by now.

She made him lick her nipples and she too enjoyed his acts. Finally, she caught hold of his son's penis and inserted in her already wet vagina. She instructed him to push his penis as deep as possible inside her. He struggled, but she continued to encourage him by making him touch her tits.

After some hard work, finally Somesh got his penis deep inside her cunt. They both started to fuck. Initially Deepak yelled in pain. But Kamala continued to thrust her vagina against his penis. The more she did his pains alleviated and he started to enjoy the intercourse.

After 10 minutes he cummed. He looked a lot relieved after his first sex with his very own mother. His hymen was removed in the most pleasurable way he would have ever imagined off.

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