Friday, January 8, 2010

Sex With My Maid Ramya

Our old maid servant had taken a week-long vacation for diwali this year. As her stand-in she had made arrangements for her cousin sister ramya to work at our place. Ramya she told us she worked as a maid servant in belgam.

Ramya and her husband who worked as a fourth class-staff in an automobile plant had come for their vacations and as Ramya had nothing much to do would gladly cover for her aunt. The money she would earn would also come in handy. Maid servants being not my department, i did not give this news any importance. Who cares about some middle aged hag?

Next morning, as i was sipping my tea, the doorbell rang. As my mom was busy with some work, i opened the door and was quite taken aback. A 25-26 year old woman, wheatish in complexion, with a fat less body typical of working women, heavy boobs covered by a tight blouse and wearing a sari stood at our door. She was neatly dressed and looked pretty smart. She smiled and said, “i’m Ramya, i will be your temp maid.

I stepped aside and she came inside our house; while she was taking off her slippers i noticed she had a shapely ass and also had a glimpse of her tummy through the gap between her pallu and blouse. Ramya had a nice figure no doubt. Anyway my mom stepped in and after the introductions were over she went into the kitchen to clean the dishes. In the loo, while shitting i thought of her and her sexy body. She was good and the thought of having sex with her sent a quiver through my dick. Anyway, i thought it was a very long shot.

I was reading the papers in the sitting room, when she walked in with a broom in her hand. She bent down, pulling her sari to the knees and started sweeping the floor. Her hitched up sari offered a tantalizing glimpse of her feet and i noticed she had silver kankans on her ankles. She passed quite near me with her broom and as our eyes met she broke into a unabashed smile; she was indifferent to the fact that her legs were showing.

She asked me to lift my legs so she could sweep the nooks and corners and as i lifted my legs she bent down even more, her pallu slipped a bit and i caught a quick glimpse of the upper part of her deep cleavage. Before i could shift my gaze she looked up and our eyes met… she smiled a fraction of a second and turned to the other side… i was back reading the new paper.

Over the next few days she worked at our home and i continued to have some glimpses of her body. Sometimes her pallu dropped revealing her deep cleavage, she hitched up her sari and i could see her healthy legs and also could see her belly through the gap between her sari and blouse.

She also was the chatty type and made small talk with me sometimes. I thought it would be a nice chance to screw her but kept my cool as i thought advances from my part could create troubles and misunderstandings. But on the second last day something happened, which gave me great pleasure.

She had come for her afternoon shift. My parents had a social engagement and were not at home – they would come back late evening. I opened the door; she entered, clad in a pink sari and a short blouse. She asked about my parents and i told them they were away. She smiled and went to her work. I told her that she should hurry up as i had to go out. As she settled down to her work i put on the tv for time-pass.

After finishing the dishes she started sweeping the floor. I put off the tv and went to my bedroom to change my clothes. I took of my t-shirt and was in my vests. Then i took off my pajamas; i was nude from waist down; i could not find my undies easily and as i searched for it suddenly the the door was- it was Ramya – she had come to sweep my room. I was a bit embarrassed at my nudity; Ramya too was taken aback but i could see that her eyes lingered over my nudity and she enjoyed it. Hurriedly, i took a towel and covered myself; Ramya too left the room. I was a bit embarrassed. I put on my clothes and came out of the bedroom. As ramya had some more work to do, i put on the TV once more and waited for her to finish.

As i was watching TV, ramya came in to sweep the floors. She crouched on the ground and her pallu was of her breasts but she made to no attempt to cover up. I stole glances at her and our eyes met. She brazenly asked me, “Kunal, (you had undressed thinking there was nobody at home. But, i have seen you naked!). She smiled brazenly and looked at me. Her eyes had that sexy look and it struck me instantly that the hussy was ripe for more.

I got up from the sofa and walked near her and asked, (do you want to see me naked once more?). I gave her no chance and hugged her with force. She responded and i started squeezing her boobs heavily. We lay on the floor and i put my hand below her sari and started rubbing her thighs with force. She responded and hugged me tightly. I hitched up her sari and petticoat, revealing her inner thighs and vagina covered with shining pubic hair.

The sight of her cunt excited me to end and i started to massage her cunt vigorously. She started to melt and i inserted two fingers inside and worked on her clit. She moaned in delight and shivered. I took off my shirt while i continued to finger her. She got a bit restless and started tugging my trousers while she squeezed my cock. I took of my trousers and was in my underwear.

I lay upon her pressing her boobs with one hand while working on her cunt. Her juices soaked my fingers while she moaned like a bitch. I tried to open her blouse; she co-operated and took it of along with her bra. Her heavy breasts jumped out and i put one nipple in my mouth and gave it gentle bites. She quivered in pleasure; i parted her pussy lips and touched her clitoris. Ramya shuddered and rubbed her clit with more vigor and squeezed her boobs with force. Her eyes took on a dreamy expression; she fondled my dick and moaned heavily.

She then pushed down my undies and took my cock in her hands, fondling i gently which made it rock hard. I continued to massage her clit and she grabbed my fingers indicating to rub her more. (its giving me great pleasure), she said dreamily and continued enjoying the finger fuck. Her cunt got flooded and after a while she screamed in delight and she had an orgasm with a great shudder. But i did not stop and continued her cunt massage, squeezing her boobs, belly and thighs. I stopped after some time and Ramya took my cock in her hands and kissed my balls and caressed my tummy.

I took her to my bedroom and took out the packet of condoms a friend had left at my place. I put one on and took my cock towards her mouth. Rita got the hint and put it inside and started to work on it. She was pretty good at it. I fondled her and enjoyed her mouth working on me. After a while i could not hold it no more. I grabbed her head and forced her to suck with more vigor. I came in her mouth (though it was covered with condom).

She took my cock out and gave it a gentle kiss. She took out the condom off my cock and smiled at me. We lay down on the bed caressing each other and started a chit-chat session. Ramya told me she worked as a maid-servant in the houses of the executives of the car-plant where her hubby was employed. She provided sexual services to a couple of young executives and enjoyed the money and gifts she got in return. Her husband suspected nothing and she was able to enjoy life with the bonus money she earned.

Her caresses put me on the mood once more and i started fondling her boobs and cunt once more. Ramya said(why sucking my boobs? Suck my cunt) and pushed her vagina towards my mouth. I parted her lips and found her spot among the pubic hair. Some of the hair came inside my mouth but i ignored the inconvenience and licked her heavily tasting her salty pussy juices. She caressed my chest and pinched my nipples.

I grabbed her heavy boobs and pressed them with force. I also put a finger on her asshole and inserted it a bit. Ramya shivered at this invasion of her asshole. I gently moved my finger up and down the opening of her anal passage. And asked her have you ever been anal fucked?, i asked. She replied. (once a babu had fucked me in the ass. It was very painful, so i don’t do it any more). ( now i shall fuck you), i said and made her lie down on the bed. She spread her legs, ready to accept me.

I took another condom and gave it to her. She put it on my erect penis, and guided it inside her vagina. I started humping her while she groaned in pleasure. I also bit her boobs gently. It was a real pleasure fondling her meaty body and boobs. She crossed her legs and enveloped me with her thighs and started to move her body in rhythm with my humpings. We moaned in pleasure and as i had come about 15 mins i could keep my cock inside her longer.

I pumped her with all my might and after a while she shivered in pleasure letting out a groan of delight. I pumped her and little later i too had a satisfying orgasm. I kept my penis inside her and slowly it got limp. I took it out and Ramya took of the condom. We lay on the bed caressing each other… after sometime Ramya kissed my soft penis and told her it was time for her to leave. I gave her rs.1000 as bakshish and she was quite happy. (i’m leaving… if i get chance to work here we may have fun again.)”

She said. Yes, i thought, it was a fun indeed and i would look forward to such encounters with all eagerness. Any married ladies, aunties, bhabies divorced widow from Bangalore have great urge for sex and want to have sex with me and want to get their pussy`s tickled by me. Please insure secrecy is maintained and should

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